Comic book fans from all over the world continue to send artwork to Fontanelle Press. With absolutely no intentions of reimbursing them in any way, we've selected a few to show here. If that sounds like fun to you, send your drawing to: Fontanelle Press, Attn: Fan Club Art Gallery, P.O. Box 15, Corona, NY 11368 and maybe you'll see your artwork featured on this site!

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to a rather limited personnel, Fontanelle Press regrets it can not, at this time, accept unsolicited manuscript or comic book submissions of any kind.
Sent to us by BIG 'D' from Farmingdale, NY.
Thanks for the reminder, BIG 'D'!
Sent to us by Jeremy M. from Plainview, NY.
Thanks a lot, Jeremy! How did you know we love firetruckasauruses?!
These next two were sent to us by Ginger P. from Oradell, NJ.
Ginger tells us this is a picture of herself with her mommy and daddy (with Earl the cat in the background). Ha! Ha! We have to admit, the likeness is uncanny!
Thanks, Ginger!
And this one... Well, this one speaks for itself!

Great stuff, Ginger! Keep 'em coming!
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