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2008 Eisner Award Nominee!
Best Humor Publication

Petey & Pussy!

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN-13: 978-1-56097-979-1
published by Fantagraphics

Petey and Pussy, John Kerschbaum’s new graphic novel, reads very much like a Loony Tunes cartoon — if all of the anthropomorphic animals were kvetching, balding, foul-mouthed misanthropes. Each character is articulate (and, in fact, can speak directly to humans, well enough to order a beer) but still recognizably have the traits associated with their respective species: Pete, the dog, is happy-go-lucky; Pussy, the cat, is self-centered; and Bernie, the bird, is high-strung and constantly a-twitter. Together, they are the pets of a sweet old lady whose obliviousness to the lunacy unfolding around her is second only to her own hygienic repugnance.The Sisyphean struggles of the characters is brought to the fore — the cat is compelled to try and catch the mouse, the bird struggles to escape his cage — as the trio engage in slapstick adventures that are simultaneously given an edge and made hilarious by a twisted combination of mundane realism and insouciant gross-out humor.
Kerschbaum cheerfully includes all the blood and guts that are left out of the cartoons, and lovingly renders his motley crew in a densely textured urban setting. And like the animated cartoons it echoes in an oddly surreal way, when the mayhem dies down, the characters come to the realization that their identities’ are defined by the way they relate to the others, and that one’s opponent might be one’s truest friend when both face a true threat.
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2008 "Best of the Year" Critic's List:
Rob Clough: "... the funniest book of the year" - "My Top 50 Comics of the Year" (#7)
Bob Fingerman: "...my favorite domestic GN of the year. Maybe of the decade, thus far." - The Daily Cross Hatch: The Best Damned Comics of 2008 Chosen By The Artists
Joe Infurnari: "...the funniest comic I’ve read in a very long while." - The Daily Cross Hatch: The Best Damned Comics of 2008 Chosen By The Artists (#5)
Ben Towle: "This book’s #%&*in’ hilarious. - My Best of 2008

And it received an "Honorable Mention" from Richard Gehr at the Village Voice!
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